Naked In Ashes
Dhuna Giri
Naked In Ashes

"I cannot get this movie out of my mind. Watching it made me realize how meaningless life can be if we do not live it passionately."
Penelope Spheeris
(Director of Wayne's World)
"Naked in Ashes" is a respectful, illuminating appreciation of a few of the estimated 13 million yogis in India.
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Los Angeles Times
Paula Fouce's beautiful, illuminating documentary "Naked in Ashes" takes the viewer into the profoundly spiritual world of India's yogis, who see their taking on the sins of humanity as a source of healing and redemption for others.
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The Village VOICE
Imagine Burning Man happening in India, and a Los Angeles filmmaker, a practicing Buddhist, documenting the festival, and you'll grasp the flavor of Naked in Ashes.
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Holy Shiva! Thirteen million yogis taking a bath together sounds like a messy proposition.
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The Desert Sun
"LIVING FOR GANESH" Living in the presence of Mother Ganges is heaven for the holy men of India
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Yoga Journal
"One day we will die and merge with the earth, with Mother Ganges. Why wait until death?" So asks one of India's holy men....
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Las Vegas Review Journal
Watching these yogis pursue their faith with such devotion -- especially in a world preoccupied with temporal pursuits -- can't help but provide inspiration.
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Denver Post
"NAKED IN ASHES does so much of what we want from documentary -- it teaches us new ways that lives can be lived. And religion or no, that always expands the spirit."
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San Francisco Bay Guardian
Even in a nation of 1 billion, 13 million is a pretty respectable minority - and that is the estimated number of yogis currently traveling a 5,000-year-old spiritual path in India. Paula Fouce's documentary trains its somewhat loose yet engaging focus on about twenty individuals around the nation.
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San Francisco Chronicle
The clash of ancient traditions and modern civilization is at the center of "Naked in Ashes," an inspirational and cautionaty film that documents the hermetic lives of a handful of Indian yogis.
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New York Post
The yogis in the documentary "Naked in Ashes" have never played for the Yankees.
Vision Magazine
The film focuses on and honors an eccentric community of some 15 million Yogis residing amongst India’s estimated population of one billion. Naked in Ashes is created with honest simplicity, offering a palpable and captivating experience of the eastern Yogi.
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Maintaining a biweekly practice of Bikram’s Hot Yoga might make you think you’re a hardcore yogi, but when was the last time you towed a truck with your penis? Huh? When?
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North County Times
The spiritual quest of the yogi in India is certainly no easy path, as we see in the often riveting documentary "Naked in Ashes." The hard work and dedication is the point, of course.
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Traditional Yoga Studies Interactive
Naked in Ashes offers a colorful and nonjudgmental glimpse into India’s ascetical branch of spirituality.
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Yogi Times
You become a voyeur into the lives of Indian Yogis, getting a raw, candid observation of their daily activities, soaking up their wisdom, and watching them prepare for their pilgrimage.
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Kripalu Online
Travel into the lives of the ascetic yogis of India. The film includes fantastic footage from the Kumbha Mela festival.
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Awareness Magazine
An award-winning team of filmmakers came together to produce NAKED IN ASHES. This documentary film serves up a slice of life — the ascetics of the Hima-layas — who walk away from everything worldly in their quest for the Divine. Beautifully shot on location throughout India.
The Gainesville Sun
In autumn, the movies get down to serious business.
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The idea: A 14-year-old Indian boy enters into the spiritual life of a yogi, devoting himself to chastity, austerity and utter devotion. So? Motivated deprivation.
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Created by a team of filmmakers in Los Angeles, 'Naked in Ashes' a 108-minute feature documentary that depicts a fascinating and palpable experience of the yogis in India...
Indulge Magazine
A compelling documentary on the sometimes death-defying but always uplifting lives of India's yogis is the essential art house ticket this month.
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Spirituality and Practice
An edifying look at the lives and spiritual practices of twenty Hindu holy men in India who meditate, serve others and take on austerities as part of their path.
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Viewers rated Naked In Ashes 9.5 out of 10 - Read what they had to say about this feature doc film: joe s. gave it a10: This is a real beauty! The scenes alone make this documentary worth the price, but then the story is just as compelling. It engages the mind with all sorts of wonderment.
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